New equipment installation

Elevator Equipment Installation

Our elevator service technicians are fully trained and experienced in new equipment installation for both newer, modern elevators, as well as older models. We also have a fleet of vehicles that can be dispatched 24 hours a day.

Before hiring an elevator repair company, you should get as much information about the supplier as possible. In addition to knowing the different services they offer, you also have to know their experience, the number of years they have been in business and their reputation.

Always remember that elevators are complex pieces of equipment that require extensive training to fully understand. Non-professionals should never attempt to service an elevator – leave it to the professionals!

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Choosing the Right Elevator Company

  • Do they meet all industry safety standards? A repair company should be able to provide you with the proper certifications to show that they adhere to all safety standards.
  • Are their employees trained and experienced? Elevators are complicated machines, therefore you need to ensure that the people who will repair them have the proper training and experience in the field.
  • Are they reliable? The reliability of a company should not only be based on the quality of the service they provide, but also on being professional when it comes to getting to your location on time.

Elevattitt - Built On 10 Years of Integrity

Elevattitt has more than 30 years of experience in the elevator repair industry. We have a team of technicians, engineers, customer service representatives, dispatchers, and office staff who understand the importance of serving New York State customers with elevator repair problems.

Our award-winning customer service team is ready to take your call and dispatch highly trained technicians to your location to solve your elevator problems.

We can help you determine and create a modernization plan that works best for you. Elevattitt will provide you with a complete breakdown of all components that need replacement and identify what is needed to get the job done.

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