multi-use buildings

24 hour Priority support

We here at Elavattitt offer different kinds of elevators and elevator services for various purposes. The types of elevator are service elevators, passenger elevators, traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, freight elevator, dumbwaiter etc. Our elevators are designed in a way to meet different customer requirements. We have three different maintenance packages which include monthly, quarterly and yearly. Elavattitt also provides experienced expert technicians to solve any issues related to the elevator. We have 24 hours of customer support so you can call us anytime.

Custom Design Options

We also provide custom design options. Apart from our specific set of elevator designs you can also provide us with your own designs or come up with a completely new design with the help of our in-house experts. You can customize anything you like from having special seating for the elderly to the types of lights you want within the elevator or even the type of a door you want. Even the weight load, elevator height as well as the speed at which the elevator moves can be customized.

Regular maintenance will avoid hefty fines in the long run

A lot of building owners may not know that there are yearly inspections and the elevators need to match a certain standard of safety, if they fail to do so the building owners will be liable to a hefty fine. Our job is to make sure that it does not come to that. All of our maintenance work is done with the help of certified technicians with years of experience in this field. They make sure to check all safety boxes and make sure that everything is working in perfect order. The last thing you would want is an accident or major damage, which will end up costing you double the amount which you would have paid if you had a maintenance plan in place, and one third of what you would have paid if we were the ones in-charge of the maintenance work.