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When Reliability Matters The Most

The Healthcare sector has very specific needs for elevators. They are constantly being used to move patients, staff, heavy machinery and equipment. They often require large sized elevators with a high weight capacities. Therefore, it is essential that they maintain strict safety standards that are constantly under inspection to meet regulations. Most elevator companies do not know what is required for maintaining healthcare elevators. Our goal here at Elevattitt is to make sure your elevator is maintained properly and always in top-notch quality.

Your Full-service company for healthcare elevators in New York

Elevattitt will take care of everything regarding your healthcare elevator needs. Whether it is a routine repair, a monthly maintenance checkup, or a complete elevator modernization – Elevattitt is the reliable source in New York to get the job done efficiently, with as little disturbance to business as usually in your healthcare facility. We can provide fully custom elevators and you can add custom features to it such as how fast it moves, to what weight it carries, and even add features such as not stopping at certain floors in times of emergency. This feature is very useful when it comes to patients that need to be moved quickly from one floor to another.

elevattitt healthcare elevator maintenance

Your patient's comfort is our #1 priorirty

We treat all of our elevator jobs with the utmost attention and integrity. However, when it comes to providing mobility to those that need it most, Elevattitt treats healthcare elevator jobs with a certain level or honor. This is not to say that our other jobs do not receive this level of care, but oftentimes, we go above and beyond our level of service, because we understand the importance of providing reliable systems for those who deserve it most. For this reason, the healthcare industry is one which we stronlogy advise establishing a routine maintenance plan. We do not advocate our maintenance plans for our own benefit. Our maintenance plans are highly suggested for the benefit of our customers – and we believe safe elevators in healthcare establishments are essential.