Commercial Elevator Services

commercial elevator repair

Commercial Elevator Maintenance and repair is our speciality

When it comes to commercial buildings, Elevattitt provide all sorts of services that you may require. We have been involved with the construction business for more than 10 years. If you are looking for someone to build new and improved elevators for your large-scale construction sites then we are the one for you. We can provide you with service lifts and construction lifts, with the added benefit of customizing them as per your requirements.

We also provide Repair and Installation services. We have packages that cover all types of maintenance services that may be required to keep your elevators functioning properly. We have different types of maintenance plans that range from monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance up to yearly maintenance plans. In our packages we cover all sorts of costs regarding safety inspections to lubrication of moving parts and also changing worn out parts for the machines.

Commercial Elevator Installation

If you need Installation services we also take care of that. The process is that usually after you hire us or book us for a free consultation, we send out experts in this field. They come over and take a look at the building and assess the location where you want to set up the elevator. They will give you a detailed explanation of what repairs need to be done and how you should go about the maintenance of the elevator. They will also suggest any changes that are needed to be made depending on the elevator model and the area the elevator is needed to be placed i.e. the elevator shaft.

Elevator Installation while under construction

In case you need elevators for custom projects for buildings that are under construction our team will work with the builders and deliver custom products such as custom elevator heights, special loads for the elevator to carry, special elevators to carry specific objects (for example large art projects for art galleries who often have to transport very delicate objects). If you are not sure of what you need feel free to fill up our form on this website and we will get back to you and set up a consultation call free of charge.