3 Things Buildings Can Do To Save on Elevator Costs Immediately

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There are three things buildings can do to save elevator costs immediately. One of the keys to cost savings is optimizing the performance and reliability of elevators in the building. This not only keeps costs low, but also avoids unexpected costs. Protecting these assets will help you save money in the long run. Some additional tips are given below:

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1. Do you know your elevator service contract?

It is very common to be billed for items that should have been covered by an elevator service contract. Entering the contract service level and terms of use into elevator maintenance software can go a long way in automating this difficult task. Maintenance consulting is a basic service of most elevator consultants. Implementing elevator maintenance software will eliminate missed maintenance and notify you of all services received.

2. Priority is given to preventive maintenance

The trend in the elevator industry is to get maintenance for callbacks or repairs. Taking care of the equipment is the key to keeping the elevator running at its optimal life cycle. Some expensive repairs result from incomplete regular maintenance. If you are charged for the service and are not receiving the service, an elevator consultant will help you. Maintenance consulting is the core service of most elevator consultants.

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3. Keep Detailed Records of Services Provided

Keep a detailed record of the maintenance and upkeep of the elevator. There is no better way to know if your equipment is undergoing preventative maintenance and if elevator companies are honoring the service contract than by keeping records. There is elevator maintenance software that can automate building record keeping and record updated reports in an instant. These records provide essential benefits to the building.

In Summary: Reducing unnecessary repairs, costs, and downtime

These 3 tips allow the building owner to control elevator costs. The unknown becomes known, thus reducing unnecessary repairs, costs, and downtime. All of this allows building personnel to do their best. So it may be time to check your building’s elevator and escalator maintenance and service contracts to see if you’ve received the amount you paid. Working with an elevator consultant to implement elevator maintenance software will make this process even easier. You may be amazed at the thousands and sometimes millions recovered for our clients.
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