4 questions to ask before hiring an elevator company

Why is it Important to Ask these questions?

Elevators need to function reliably and precisely. This is why they require an expert elevator repair company – like Elevattitt – to operate efficiently. With proper maintenance, they are much more likely to have a longer lifespan as well.

Therefore, there are many questions you should ask before hiring an elevator service company. Not all elevator service companies are the same. Here are four important questions to ask before hiring.

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1. Do they have fast service?

One of a building owner’s biggest headaches is hiring a service company that doesn’t value their time. Many elevator repair companies will be slow to fix the elevator, send people late, not follow through on their promises, timeline, or proposed budget. Large national elevator service companies rarely answer your phone call, at least not immediately. With Elevattitt, we have 24/7 call centers that allow us to dispatch technicians and respond to emergencies, such as an elevator breaking down, immediately. It does not need, nor should it take, days for a properly run elevator company to fix your elevator.

2. Can You Trust Them?

Many elevator companies make claims that they are experts when they really do not have the experience required to properly repair or maintain an elevator. Some elevator companies are not even properly certified or licensed. Even if you are considering dealing with a large national elevator company, who will they send to repair your elevator? An experienced repair person? Or a novice? And will that company be there 24/7, when your elevator has an issue, and you need them most?

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3. How are they communicating?

Many elevator service companies are notorious for their lack of communicating. These companies are generally the larger national elevator repair companies. They can only be contacted by phone and will hardly tell you when they are ready to repair your elevator, or even answer your call at all, unless you are a “priority customer.” Ask about their communication process before hiring. For example, how should you contact them when there is an emergency? By phone? Text messages? Email? Do they give you advance notice when they are ready and tell you when to expect them?

4. How Safe Are Their Components?

All hired elevator technicians must be members of the NAEC and be able to troubleshoot and prevent elevator malfunctions. Many seemingly knowledgeable companies hire untrained technicians who improperly repair elevators, which can cause further damage and cause you to pay even more to fix the elevator. You also need to make sure they are using trusted brands for the parts and components they will be installing. Using cheap components can cause further malfunctions, shorten the lifespan of the elevator, or even cause an expensive breakdown.